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RC 30 Threading Machine

The RC 30 threading machine produced by Key Machine Tool offers a robust and versatile solution to your threading applications. The machine operates with thread rolling or thread cutting heads and uses the tool rotation principal. This is especially valuable when threading components with irregular shapes that would be inconvenient to clamp and rotate during the threading operation. Threads from one quarter to one and one half inches in diameter may be produced. Spindle speeds of 75 to 3200 rpm are possible from the 7.5 HP motor, mounted on a vibration isolating pad. Workpiece feed is along cylindrical ways.

RC 30 Manual Machines

The manual machine is operated by placing the workpiece into the chuck jaws. Depending upon the shape of the workpiece it is loaded radially or axially. The operator closes the chuck by a hand wheel which quickly and securely actuates the self centering chuck jaws. A second hand wheel is used to provide feed into the threading head by a rack and gear device. The head opens by either a stop inside of the head, or a yoke triggered at the termination point of the forward feed whereupon the handwheel is reversed to move the slide to the home position. The chucking handwheel is turned in the unclamping direction, permitting removal of the threaded part, and start of a new cycle.

Semi-Automatic RC 30S

The RC 30S semi automatic machine operates with a air over oil system for the machine movements. A rotary actuator opens and closes clamping jaws, and a cylinder operates the infeed and return of the slide. The cycle of clamping, forward movement of the workpiece, return movement of the workpiece and unclamping is initiated by pressing dual safety pushbuttons to assure safety in the operation. The semi automated version is the most popular and standard version.

RC 30 Special Options

Additional to the standard manual and semi-automatic machines, complete automation is possible through optional equipment. Other options include: special workpiece clamping systems, extended machine bases for longer threading strokes, automatic stock stops , mandrel support for thin wall applications, and programmable feeding mechanisms.
RC 30 Threading Machine
Manual RC 30 Threading Machine
RC 30S Semi Automated Machine with air over oil actuated clamping and feed
RC 30 with special collet clamping, stock stop, and programmable ball screw feed